Fuengirola and Mijas districts, fiestas and holidays on the Costa del Sol, Spain 

Fuengirola and Mijas Fiestas and holidays
Fiestas in
Fuengirola & Mijas Pueblo
January 1  New Year's Day 
January 6  The Kings
February 2 to 9 Carnival Week
February 28  Andalucia day 
April 9 Maundy Thursday 
April 10  Good Friday 
May 1  May Day 
June 21 to 24 Fiesta San Juan
July 16 to 19 Carmenes del Mar
August 15  Assumption Day
September 29 San Miguel - Patron Saint of Torremolinos
October 6th - 12 Rosario in honour of the Patron Saint of Fuengirola
October 12  Hispanic Day 
November 1  All Saints Day 
December 6  Constitution Day 
December 8  Day of the Imaculate Conception 
December 25  Christmas Day 
Public Holidays
The are 14 banks holidays a year in Andalucia.
10 National, 2 regional and 2 local. In addition there are the local town holidays will normally fall on the day of the patron saint of the town.
The Easter week processions compete with one another in luxury and splendour. The parades leave the churches to meander through the streets along a pre determined route. They carry the statues of Christ on the Cross and the Virgin Mary in mourning. The processions are organised by the variious religious brotherhoods and guilds of tradesmen or other groups. They spend all year long preparing the colourful costumes and decorations. This is a serious fiesta and fireworks are not allowed. Drinking and celebrating is still frowned upon by many.
San Isidro
15th May. San Isidro is the patron saint of the farmers, and many villages in Mijas celebrate his day with a procession through the fields and a fiesta, as well as agricultural trade shows. 
La Virgen del Carmen
La Virgen del Mar (Virgin of the Sea) is the patron saint of the sea, and her statue is born on a carriage decorated with flowers through the streets of Fuengirola and La Cala de Mijas.
La Virgen del Carmen is the protectress of seamen, and on July 16th the towns and fishing villages of the coast parade their statues of her to the water, and set sail in decorated boats, accompanied by the blowing of horns and bursts of fireworks.
The three Kings
The three Kings festival on January 6th / 7th is favourite with the children of our Fuengirola & Mijas. This is when Christmas gifts are given and opened - there are street processions with the three kings on floats distributing sweets for the children to catch.
Festival of San Juan
San Juan - is held on the night of the 24th of June. It is celebrated on Fuengirola's beaches, along the entire coastline with bonfires and fireworks. There is an Andalucian tradition to dip your feet in the sea just after midnight. Spanish youngsters come from the inland towns and villages to sleep the night on the beach and party. You may like to join in.!!
Andalucia Day
The 28th of February is Andalucia day and throughout this Fiesta the streets are decorated with flags. The towns & villages becomes a mass of green and white - the colurs of Andalucia. Children wear masks and there is dancing and parties in the streets. The mood of fiesta runs throughout the whole month of February.
Fuengirola Carnival
This "Fun Event" - Fuengirola area carnival. A week of celebration in February, the entire area takes part in the Carnival. The main celebrations take place in the Plaza de la Constitution and on the Ferial where ther will be tents and workshops.
There is a celebration of children's costumes with a competition.
Carnival celebrates the run up to Lent.
Markets within easy reach of Fuengirola

Marbella ( Recinto Ferial de Arroyo Primero )
Malaga ( Barriada de la Luz )

Malaga ( Puerto de la Torre )
Fuengirola ( Recinto Ferial - Fair Ground )

Estepona ( Avda. Juan Carlos , junto al Recinto Ferial )
Malaga ( Barriadas de Heulin y de la Paz )
Mijas Costa ( La Cala de Mijas )

Torremolinos ( Recinto Ferial - Fair Grounds )

Arroyo De La Miel ( Tivoli World Parking )
Benalmadena Pueblo ( Plaza del Alguacil )

Mijas Costa ( La Cala y Las Lagunas )
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Festival of Music
August 2nd to 5th at the "Sohail" castle the International Music, Dance & Tapa's festival.
Fiestas del Rosario
October: (6-12)
In honour of the Patron Saint of Fuengirola "Our Lady of the Rosary" this is a very important festival in the calendar.

Principally the exhibition centre is the heart of the fiesta where more than 30 labour organisations and clubs have hospitality areas and welcome all comers.

Throughout Fuengirola this week there will be horse exhibitions & flamenco dancing - a very colourful fiesta and lost of fun.
The recinto Ferial of Fuengirola
Among those activities taking place within the area orf the Ferial are; the annual festival of the Rosary, Fuengirola Carnival, and also the Fiestas del Carmen and Feria de Los Boliches. Of special importance to the town in recent times has been the "Feria Internacional de Los Pueblos". A multicultural festival celebrating the multicultural nature of Fuengirola where all residents and cultural groups participate. This festival takes place during the first week of May.

In addition to the official festive celebrations there are also a variety of trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions and other activities.

The site has also proven to be an ideal venue for the development of markets, the weekly market attracts an  average of 60,000 visitors.
Recinto Ferial
Opened in 1984 The Recinto Ferial or "permanent exhibition center of Fuengirola" is located at Avenida Jesus Santos Rein. The Recinto is in a very central area, with easy access. It was  designed to give the city a focal point and an essential element to host the most important local celebrations.

The Ferial covers an area of some 52,375 sq metres, of which 12,000 sq metres are occupied by the 32 existing clubs and hospitality areas which are suited to all kinds of celebration and event.

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